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W.K. Kellogg Foundation Partnership

Our Kids...Their Future

In 2014, Pottstown School District (PSD) received a planning grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation to identify parents’ needs and values and to create a plan for a more supportive and equitable relationship with families. Based on the information gained during the planning grant-period, an implementation grant was awarded and PSD is continuing the parent and community outreach in five primary focus areas.

Build a Stronger Community
Pottstown will continue to build and strengthen relationships in the community and create an ongoing community conversation process for gaining input on programming for families. PSD will partner with Penn Project for Civic Engagement to lead this process and develop local leadership and capacity.

Develop and Support Parents as Leaders
We will develop a Parent Advisory Committee to represent the community to the district and the district to the community. We will also work to develop parent leadership skills through training as group facilitators and other leadership opportunities.

Engage Hard to Reach and Minority Communities
We will increase outreach, programming, and services to the Spanish-speaking population through the addition of a Spanish-speaking parent educator and outreach specialist. The Bilingual Parent Educator will provide Spanish language parent workshops, provide translation services, and connect with other agencies serving the Spanish-speaking population in Pottstown. We will also increase collaboration and partnership with community organizations serving the minority community.

Incorporate Trauma Informed Practices with Children and Adults

We will work with community agencies and leaders to create a Pottstown Adverse Childhood Experiences community partnership in order to become knowledgeable about trauma-informed practices and work toward becoming a trauma-informed community.

Improve Success for Pottstown’s Students
With a focus on social/emotional development and parent involvement, we will continue to support community classrooms in improving the readiness of students entering kindergarten.

Pottstown School District is excited about this opportunity to create an authentic family engagement process and to reinforce the partnerships in the community. As we work toward strengthening our community and families, the district is fulfilling its motto of “Building a Better Tomorrow” not only for our students but for everyone who lives in Pottstown.

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