Who We Are
The Family Advisory Committee (FAC) are a group of involved Pottstown School District parents coming together on a monthly basis to share opportunities with the district to promote family and school engagement through collaboration and informal leadership. FAC families are families who would not typically be involved in the PTA or who had no other way to become involved. The FAC provided a safe, welcoming environment for a diverse group of individuals to come together for a common good.  Obstacles to participate were removed through the FAC format; free dinner & child care.
Why We Exist
  • Give voice to those who do not have a voice
  • Create a bridge between Families/Pottstown Community and the School district
  • Demonstrate Leadership
  • Increase family capacity
  • Promote cultural change
  • Engage other parents
  • Encourage others to be positive community leaders
  • Encourage positive interactions in the school district and community
  • Demonstrate and promote family involvement in children’s education
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